What is a yoni steam?

The practice of yoni steaming dates back thousands of years & can be traced to almost every indigenous culture on earth. They used steaming to tend to women in the postpartum and as a gentle of maintaining female reproductive health. In this modern world yoni steaming is a powerful pre or post period hygiene and cleansing practice.

How do Yoni steam work?

Yoni steaming is a practice where a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina and up into her uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries (womb) the warm herbal steam directly enters the womb, softens the tissues, relaxes the belly and the pelvic floor, and increases blood and lymph flow. Yoni steams naturally clean, rebalance, and lubricate the vagina by releasing old. Built up blood and/or discharge and energy (stagnation) from the uterine lining the vaginal canal contains an abundant supply of blood vessels and mucus membranes and it is believed that herbal steam can be easily absorbed through the walls of the vagina

Why vaginal steam ?

Vaginal steaming is an extension of the basic concept of paying attention to and loving the vagina and womb space. It is an opportunity to open ourselves up (both physically & emotionally) & allow soothing and comfort into an otherwise tightly guarded space. The feeling of warm, aromatic steam on the vagina can be calming, exciting, cathartic, rejuvenating, or cleansing. We like to think of it as simple yet beautiful way to honor and care for the most vulnerable and sensitive part of our bodies

What are the physical benefits of vaginal steaming?

A consistent yoni steam practice can lead to an easy and pain-free period, increased fertility, increased vaginal lubrication, and reducing other uterine abnormalities. Yoni steaming is a wellness ritual that allows women to honor, reconnect, and take ownership of their reproductive system in a unique way. Yoni steams can be helpful for the following conditions: